Privacy Policy

Use of Data and How it is Stored

Clients are asked to complete a paper  consultation form. This is so that I can be fully informed about any health issues that could prevent or inhibit massage treatments from taking place, and to ensure that massage treatments are adapted to best suit a client’s individual requirements.

This form is stored in a lockable filing cabinet and is never shared with any third party.

Contact details provided are only used as a means to making contact with the client in order to confirm upcoming appointments. I consider the client having made the appointment as consent to undertake this activity but they may opt out of this at any time.

Special offers are occasionally offered via my facebook page, website, or by contacting the client directly. Where the client is contacted directly permission has been given and stored with the consultation form. Clients are free to opt out of this is they wish to do so.

Clients initial their consultation form at each appointment to confirm that none of the information originally provided by them has changed.